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Events Calendar

2020 Events Planner

January 2020

8th - Market Harborough
10th - Towcester Flea Market
11th - Banbury Market
14th - Bugbrooke Auction
15th - Harborough Antiques Market
17th - Towcester Market
18th - Moreton Pinkney Auction
22nd - Harborough Antiques Market
23rd - Banbury Market
24th - Towcester Flea Market
28th - Bugbrooke Auction
29th - Harborough Antiques
31st - Towcester Flea Market

February 2020

5th - Harborough Antiques Market
7th - Towcester Flea Market
8th - Banbury Antiques Market
11th - Bugbrooke Auction
12th - Harborough Antiques Market
13th - Banbury Antiques Market
14th - Towcester Flea Market
15th - Moreton Pinkney Auction
19th - Harborough Antiques Market
21st - Towcester Flea Market
25th - Bugbrooke Auction
26th - Harborough Antiques Market
27th - Banbury Antiques Market
28th - Towcester Antiques Market

March 2020

4th - Harborough Antiques Market
6th - Towcester Flea Market
10th - Bugbrooke Auction
11th - Harborough Antiques Market
12th - Banbury Market
13th - Towcester Flea Market
14th - Banbury Antiques Market
18th - Harborough Antiques Market
20th - Towcester Flea Market
21st - Moreton Pinkney Auction
24th - Bugbrooke Auction
25th - Harborough Antiques Market
26th - Banbury Market
27th - Towcester Flea Market





... to Bugbrooke Auction

... to Moreton Pinkney Auction

... to Towcester Flea

... to Leamington Market

... to Lamport Hall Fair

... to Harborough Market

... to Banbury Market



Next Dates
28th January
11th & 25th February
10th & 24th March

every other Tuesday throughout 2020


18th January
15th February
21st March
18th April
16th May
20th June
18th July
15th August
19th September
17th October
21st November
No auction in Dec